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Air Rifles By Brand

The Hatsan Nova QE is the perfect for those who are looking for the performance of a hunting rifle, but don't want to sacrifice the accuracy of a target rifle. The ergonomically designed Turkish walnut stock, allows for maximum comfort and ease of use. The fully shrouded barrel and integrated Quiet ..
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The Barrage semi-auto PCP air rifle from Hatsan is ready to throw lead down range just as fast as you can pull the trigger. This awesome rifle, along with its bullpup brother the Bullmaster, are some of the first truly accessible semi-auto PCP air rifles on the market. Sure, they have been done befo..
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We've paired the new Hatsan Gladius bullpup with one of our favorite scopes at a great value for you! This combo includes the crystal clear Hawke Sport HD 4-12X50 rifle scope and rings. The scope is red/green illuminated for low light shooting conditions as well as including an adjustable objective ..
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Hatsan's newest addition to the Nova platform offers numerous upgrades over its predecessor, including lighter weight, higher velocities and more shots per fill. Weighing in at 8.4 lbs., the Hatsan NeutronStar is almost a pound and a half lighter than the Nova and features an ergonomic thumb hole st..
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Recent head to head tests show that the AT44 is one of the most powerful PCPs in it's class. And at a price that if incredible. So we thought the only thing better would be to pair it with one of our favorite Hawke scopes and package the savings on to you. You need the Hatsan AT44S-10 Quiet Energy ..
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If you find it difficult to shoot precharged pneumatic airguns in your home or backyard because the loud sound disturbs others, then the new Hatsan Quiet Energy (QE) series of rifles should be on your short list. The silencer is quite effective and integral to the gun (it cannot be removed). It's ..
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Hatsan has answered the call for a semi-auto bullpup air rifle in a big way! The Hatsan Bullmaster air rifle looks like it came straight off the silver screen or the pages of a sci-fi novel. This beast of an air rifle is available in both .177 and .22 caliber, features rotary magazines for quick rel..
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The BT65 series is the PCP in Hatsan?s lineup that offers more velocity and muzzle energy than that AT44 series. All BT65?s feature a 23? long barrel and an air valve that results in muzzle velocities as high as 1250 fps (and that?s using lead pellets mind you).The Hatsan BT65 Elite QE is the elite ..
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The Hatsan Gladius PCP bullpup combines Hatsans reputation for reliability with a compact bullpup package. The Gladius bullpup features a synthetic stock with all the right options that really makes this bullpup standout including adjustable comb & butt pad, onboard storage for up to 3 extra magazin..
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Do you like to hunt? Do you have pests taking over your property and acting like they own the place? If so, you need the Hatsan AT44S-10 Quiet Energy air rifle. This airgun delivers an authoritative knockdown blow that humanely dispatches small to medium critters...and it does it pretty darn quietl..
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The Hatsan Harpoon Arrow Launcher has the power to take down any game you'll find almost anywhere in the world. Slinging standard 20" crossbow arrows with .30" inner diameter at velocities up to 580 fps and with power up to 310 fpe, this gun does not disappoint in terms of speed and sheer strength. ..
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The Galatian's design is original, and uniquely different. Its design is not only appealing to the eye, more resembling the look of conventional powder burner receivers, but also contains of very clever, almost inspired mechanical design. Utilizing the mechanical advantage, gained through its side l..
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