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Air Rifles By Brand

Following the success of their multi-shot underlever gas piston rifle, the Proxima, Hatsan unleashes the SpeedFire! A multi-shot break barrel featuring Hatsan's tried and true Vortex gas piston. Weighing in at just 6.6 lbs, the SpeedFire is light and maneuverable. The synthetic stock shoulders comfo..
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Serious, Solid, Impact. ┬аIt's more than a just a catchphrase for the Hatsan MOD 130S QE Breakbarrel. ┬аWhile other breakbarrel airguns suggest use as a small game hunters, you feel confident the MOD 130S is more than capable for pest elimination and small game hunting with it huge .30 cal ammo. Bui..
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This Hatsan 125 air rifle combo is a complete hunting kit and has several nice upgrades you won't find in most other magnum air rifles. While many manufacturers make an accurate barrel, the downrange accuracy is often foiled by a bad trigger due to a heavy pull. Hatsan's unique Quattro trigger will ..
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One of our best selling break barrel air rifles! With the Hatsan Vortex Gas Ram system the model 95 just got an upgrade. The model 95 Vortex features a beautiful Turkish Walnut stock, fiber optic sights, and a 3-9X32 scope and rings. This gun shoots a true 1000 FPS with lead pellets. The model 95 co..
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One of the best spring piston air rifles at this price point. The beautiful Turkish walnut stock on the Hatsan Model 95 air rifle delivers a powerful first impression. And when you shoot the Mod 95 (as it's commonly called), it'll reinforce that first impression. The adjustable Quattro two stage ma..
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Sometimes things are just made because they can be made. Add to that list the world's first .30 caliber break-barrel, part of the Carnivore series, the new caliber added to Hatsan?s premier break barrel Model 135. The Mod 135?s include everything that makes Hatsan break barrel?s special, including t..
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One of the most exciting air guns debuted at SHOT Show this year was from Hatsan! The new Hatsan Vectis is a lever-action, magazine fed repeater. With a smooth lever action, follow up shots are no longer an issue. The lever action is built into the trigger guard of the stock, making it as smooth ..
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The Bully brings the same attitude and performance to the table as it's older brother, the Hercules. The most notable change over its sibling is the synthetic bullpup style stock, which reduces weight but still packs just about the same punch, but in a much more manageable size. The adjustability ..
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FlashPup QE Features Bullpup design, manual loading, side bolt action, pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle. Precision rifled, choked barrel for accuracy, threaded for ½‘’ UNF sound moderator & fitted muzzle cap. Available in .177 (4.5mm), .22 (5.5mm) and .25 (6.35mm) caliber. Detachable 14-s..
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The FlashPup PCP platform strikes just in time to take advantage of a slew of accessible PCPs that don’t skip on accessories and quality features. Fueled by a fixed 165cc volume aluminum air cylinder with a 200 BAR fill pressure (2,900psi), the FlashPup spits rounds at speeds up to 1250, 1120, and ..
$343.19 $439.99
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Hatsan�s has entered the fray of affordable PCPs with the Flash. The Flash strikes just in time to join the ranks of accessible PCPs that don�t skimp on accessories and quality features. Silenced by Hatsan�s QE suppression and fueled by a fixed 165cc volume aluminum air cylinder, this backyar..
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The Hatsan BullBoss QE sets the new standard as to what to expect out of a bullpup air rifle and the price you should have to pay for premium features. Though short and compact, in reality the BullBoss hides deceptively well a 23" long Quiet Energy suppressed German steel barrel that delivers veloci..
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